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Alpha P incorporation package

Start a business with confidence and the knowledge of experts.

Here at Alpha P Consulting we understand that starting a business can be challenging even for experienced entrepreneurs, especially in today ever changing political and legal climate. That is why we have developed a package to give entrepreneurs and business people the support they need to start a business and make decisions with confidence.

For a small monthly fee we will register your company and the directors with the proper authorities and file your Confirmation Statements (a yearly statutory requirement for all companies).

We will also give you Tax Investigation Insurance (also called Fee Protection Insurance). This service protects you from the costs that arise in dealing with a HMRC enquiry (should your business be selected for one). This means that in certain cases we can deal with your HMRC investigations free of charge.

You also have free unlimited access to HR, employment law, health & safety and commercial legal telephone advice lines at no extra cost to you. Any time you have a legal problem or question a team of experienced experts are one call away. This allows you to make confident business decisions with expert knowledge.

Our team of accountants will also be happy to provide you with accounting, tax and payroll services and advice (additional fees apply).

Administration – Insurance – Legal advice

For only £15 per month*. (£180 per annum, includes VAT).

  • Limited company registration
  • Full set of company incorporation documents
    • Certificate of incorporation
    • Memorandum & Articles of Association
    • First Minutes of the Meetings of the board of directors (Board resolutions)
    • Share certificates
    • Stock transfer forms
    • Full set of company registers
  • Annual filing of confirmation statements (second year onwards)
  • Company and Director registration with HMRC
  • FREE Tax Investigation (fee protection) insurance
  • FREE access to employment & HR law telephone advice line
  • FREE access to commercial health & safety telephone advice line
  • FREE access to commercial legal telephone advice line
  • FREE initial consultation

*UK residents only

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